How To Write Scientific Research Paper

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You should relate your research procedures in a clear, logical order (i.e., the order in which you conducted the research) so that other researchers can reproduce your results.

Simply refer to the established methods you used, but describe any procedures that are original to your study in more detail.

You can also include a research question, hypothesis, and/or objectives at the end of this section.

FORMATTING TIPS: This is the part of your paper that explains how the research was done.

The four main elements of a scientific paper can be represented by the acronym IMRa D: introduction, methods, results, and discussion.

Other sections, along with a suggested length,* are listed in the table below. Now, let's go through the main sections you might have to prepare to format your paper.FORMATTING TIPS: Now that you've explained how you gathered your research, you've got to report what you actually found.In this section, outline the main findings of your research. You've carefully recorded your lab results and compiled a list of relevant sources.You've even written a draft of your scientific, technical, or medical paper, hoping to get published in a reputable journal.FORMATTING TIPS: This is the reader's first impression of your paper, so it should be clear and concise.Include relevant background information on your topic, using in-text citations as necessary.But how do you format your paper to ensure that every detail is correct?If you're a scientific researcher or co-author looking to get your research published, read on to find out how to format your paper.Resolve the hypothesis and/or research question you identified in the introduction.FORMATTING TIPS: Write a brief paragraph giving credit to any institution responsible for funding the study (e.g., through a fellowship or grant) and any individual(s) who contributed to the manuscript (e.g., technical advisors or editors).


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