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Jim also never reprimands Huck for the foolish things he does.This indicates Jim’s feelings that although he is older, Huck is superior because he’s white and Jim is a slave so he can’t really say anything.When a man becomes worthless in one’s eyes, one begins to loathe all morals and ideas that man has ever demonstrated.

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When Huck and Jim find each other on Jackson Island it seems as if it’s a dream like setting.

Huck who had broke away from the pressure of society and Jim who is also longing to be free and be able to have a say have both come together in search for freedom.

In the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, Huck is a character that lives pre civil war in a time where slavery and society are two main issues.

In the beginning of the novel Huck rebels against being civilized by Miss Watson and the Widow Douglas, as well as the abuse from his father by running away to the river.

Huck’s moral views seemed to completely change and instead of being an immature boy who loved to get in trouble, Huck seemed to be wiser beyond his years.

The river brought Huck and Jim friendship, loyalty, adventure, and growth that gave them both a whole new way to look at things.Both of them are viewing their freedom differently though.Jim aspires to be with his family, and have the freedom of a normal person.The fact is, Pap does show his hidden compassion when he believes his son has died no matter how many bad things Pap did to his son, he did care for him in his own way...Showed first 250 characters Pap cared about Huck, but he didn't express it like some fathers do.On Huck’s adventure toward freedom with Jim, the run away slave, Huck actually becomes more mature and civilized while living on the river.Huck’s life on the river seems to change his moral views of Jim as not a slave but a person, and companion on their journey.I didn’t do him no more mean tricks, and I wouldn’t have one if I’d knowed it would make him feel that way.”(65) The river brought Huck and Jim together at that point.Jim told Huck that he was the only white man to ever keep his word to him, which shows how Huck is now treating Jim with his heart and not how society thinks he should be treated.Huck’s new perspective on friendship assures him that his choice in making a “wrong” decision in turning Jim in for the money is actually right to him.Huck chooses not to turn in Jim despite what society thinks, and for once follows his own conscience.


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