Importance Of Extracurricular Activities Essay

Extracurriculars also allow you to peek into the professional world by teaching you skills that will actually apply in work situations.While school courses build your foundation in core subjects and teaches you time management skills, extracurriculars develop students’ networking skills by opening them up to new interactions.

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You don’t need to be in 7 after-school clubs, play 2 sports every season of the year, volunteer 30 hours every week, and have a part time job at a local grocery shop to impress top colleges. In fact, doing all of those things probably won’t impress colleges at all because chances are you won’t be able to spend a lot of time or divert a lot of energy to each one of those activities.

Without putting a lot of time and effort into an activity, it is going to be hard to see growth and to make a quantifiable impact.

The optional activities a student chooses shows a college admissions department, hiring company or scholarship selection committee that she is well-rounded — balancing both academics and outside activities.

That balance of activities shows responsibility and specific skills.

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In the process of applying to colleges, high school students typically include their test scores, grades, and extracurriculars in their application.First ask: What impact will I be able to make in my community through this activity?Then, ask yourself: What impact will this activity have on me?The extracurricular involvement allows students to make new friends, build relationships and develop social networks that make school easier to navigate.Getting involved beyond school may introduce students to other people they wouldn't normally meet.Any activity can be a winning factor as long as you are showing colleges that you are passionate about what you do.Alright, so choosing extracurriculars that you are really passionate about will increase your chances of admission into top schools, but what are the other benefits? If none of the courses that are offered at your school actually tune to your interests, extracurriculars are a great way to explore.You will find that you will actually grow as a person when you are participating in activities that you like.Try to positively impact your community and to really explore your passions and interests. A good way to choose extracurriculars is to ask yourself two questions before you are committed to them.Sports, academics, arts, community service — whatever the focus, extracurricular activities keep students busy beyond the school hours.But those groups, teams and organizations do more than keep kids off the streets.


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