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In this example there is only one paragraph under the specific heading, so no paragraph number is needed.Note: When there are no visible page numbers or paragraph numbers, you may cite the section heading and the number of the paragraph in that section to identify where your quote came from.For example you may have a year but no month or day.

End Note - bibliographic citation software, which can help format your citations and is freely available for download to CSS faculty, staff, and students 5.

Ethically Use Sources - information on the College's academic honesty policy and turnitin, an online tool to detect where sources need to be cited This guide is in no way a replacement for the actual manual, which is several hundred pages long, and can be found in the Library on reserve or at a bookstore near you.

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The Rose Frenzel Warner Writing/Critical Thinking Center is available to help! This Lib Guide is to help you use the American Psychological Association (APA) style guide, which is frequently used for the social sciences including education, management, psychology, and the health sciences.

Wikis), you must provide the date you last visited the website. (Corporation/Group's Name, year, Section Name section, para. Retrieved February 17, 2018, from Id=27&uri=country-content&nid=13.08&key=country-attire Note: As this content is likely to change over time, the date the website was viewed was included in the retrieval information. Retrieved from Note: If the blog author's real name is not provided, use their username instead.

Long URLs If a URL is too long to fit onto one line, try to break it at a slash (/). (Year website was last updated/published, Month Day if given). Retrieved Month Day, Year site was last viewed (if content is likely to change over time), from URL If the content could change over time, include the Month Day, Year you viewed the site after the word "Retrieved" and before the words "from URL" Canadian Cancer Society. Paragraph Number if more than one paragraph in section) Example: (Canadian Cancer Society, 2013, Behavioural research section, para. (Year website was last updated/published, Month Day if given). Retrieved Month Day, Year site was last viewed (if content is likely to change over time), from URL If the content could change over time, include the Month Day, Year you viewed the site after the word "Retrieved" and before the words "from URL" Williamson, J. (Author Last Name, Year, Section Name section, para. (Author's Last Name, Year, Section Heading section if given) Example: (Dobbs, 2012) Note: This blog post has no page numbers, paragraph numbers or section headings so this information is left out of the in-text citation. Retrieved Month Day, Year that website was viewed, from URL for entry Note: According to APA, n.d.

Often date information is put on the bottom of the pages of a website.

If you do not know the complete date, put as much information as you can find.

Author It can sometimes be difficult to find out who the author of a website is.

Date The best date to use for a website is the date that the content was last updated.


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