Independent Women'S College Essay

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This does not necessarily mean you should break the law.Instead, the quote remembers us to rise above societal rules that constrict you or push you into conformity.

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Talullah Bankhead on Keeping a Diary What is the underlying message of this funny quote?

It encourages us to take ourselves the time to actually live life as it should be, instead of spending all your time doing “very serious and important” activities that are not even fun.

Have the confidence to test out your boundaries and “Who’s going to stop me,” is the right mental attitude of any sassy woman.

It will shift your mindset from being someone who asks for allowance to someone who decides for herself.

The key here is to Many women complain about being trampled upon.

The sad thing is that taking up the role of being a victim does not help in solving the problem.The following inspirational quotes for independent women will help you to incite the fire of self-worth, inspiration and a good dose of within you.Most women, including myself, are struggling during puberty with their self-confidence.It took many painful years to discover my own self-worth that allowed me to develop the necessary confidence for being a strong and independent woman.However, there are still situations that can bring me down, which is why I decided to create some sort of an homage to the strong, rebellious, independent and sassy women that inspired millions to become one themselves.Don’t allow others to decide about your life, but instead seize the power that lies within you.Ashley Rickards on Being the Best You Can Be A strong, independent woman has the courage to be the best version of herself.Basically, it says that you will be able to accomplish the most outstanding things when you are willing to follow your passions. Bryon Katie on the Love of Your Life The quote does not mean to say you can’t find love in another person, but it encourages you to fully accept yourself as the person you are.You will fall in love and your heart might be broken, but in the end, you will always have yourself.If you really want to become do something about the situation, then you will have to be proactive and do something about it.Otherwise, people will continue to trample upon you.


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