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Cole was a guy who got powers, felt like they were a curse but didn't let them control him, he was trained by Kessler (himself) at the end of the day while the one person to keep Delsin on the right track is gone.I would say the best person to bring down Delsin would be his own brother so if they can pull off Reggie survivng, like as I've said before, he ends up being a conduit with a different variation of Delsin powers..Reggie can absorb whatever he touches, no conduit needed just the power source but he's only allowed so many.

It honestly seems like your scratching the barest of the Minimum when it comes to developing a story.

Mines aren't Oscar worthy either but its a lot more than just old protagonist is super evil now and here's your new character.

" In the second Installment Delsin could be sort of traveling tracking dangerous conduits dealing with the loss of his brother and his new-found sense of responsibility" So either a hunting mission sequel OR a sequel where Delsin becomes the new "beast" in ways and becomes humanity's next threat while a new conduit during this massive war has to rise up to stop him Seriously going off the good ending you would have to force a story into it but with the evil ending the story is already set up for a sequel.

We had Cole for the good character with responsibilities...

The in FAMOUS: Second Son Paper Trail mission series has come to an end, and you didn’t get Celia’s paper powers, as previously announced by Sucker Punch.

You did get four new jackets, one of which included Celia’s mask.In the second Installment Delsin could be sort of traveling tracking dangerous conduits dealing with the loss of his brother and his new-found sense of responsibility.It could also lead to the outcome of the desolvement of the DUP and the government dealing with rising conduits without depending upon a conduit themselves.Delsin and Fetch only really got "into" each other in the evil karma path aswell. I really liked Fetch, would love to see her in her own game.It's not like Cole where at the end of in FAMOUS good or bad endings he had to wait for the Beast to arrive setting up the sequel. I have 8 people on ignore, you are not one of them I thought you had me on ignore. Spin Off maybe IDK :) EDIT: Above Oh okies, I have 2 people on ignore, you're not one of them too!So imagine what he would of felt like with actual powers, very POWERFUL powers.Would be boring to see Delsin end up on the good path when we already had Cole for that.The good ending dosen't seem much happened where the evil ending...I can defiantly say Delsin would suit being the future villain a new conduit has to stand up to.The whole "power" obsession he started to have near the beginning showed us Delsin was easily corruptible but his brother steered him on a stable path, despite good or bad choices..with Reggie gone I think it would make more sense to Delsin to loose grip and go power a guy by the way who was a slacker and didn't have much purpose in life, being in the shadow of his respected sheriff brother.Why cant we honestly have an option that can fit both, the evil path your coming up with honestly seems to be a more " give me a new character!! Hell why not have it to where we implement both options in a sense, we implement your becoming the best story where Delsin travels to say Washington where Zeke has informed him the Government is keeping something big locked up.This could introduce either a climb to the top story for Evil Delsin becoming the new Beast or for good a story where he finds and attempts to stop it.


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