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TRC’s Pre-Assignment Services help to ensure a successful assignment and safeguard your company’s significant investment in the assignee.TRC will work closely with your company to develop a best-practice global mobility policy that supports your culture and business and talent management objectives.TRC’s partners have developed specialized assessment tools and an in-depth psychological evaluation procedure.

Cultural training can speed adjustment and assimilation, facilitate a more rewarding assignment and personal experience and reduce the risk of “culture shock” and a failed assignment.

Training is conducted by an experienced professional and is customized to each assignee’s needs and the host country’s culture.

By structuring compensation packages properly, companies can significantly reduce assignment costs and minimize tax burdens.

Our service partners are global leaders in expatriate tax consultation and preparation.

International assignment or global mobility policies have evolved in many ways in recent years, however one fundamental and unshakeable rule remains – the international mobilization should be planned efficiently, effectively and in a timely manner to ensure all aspects of the international mobilization create a seamless and smooth an experience as possible for both the internationally mobile employee and the employer.

This article considers some of the latest trends when employers are considering mobilising a German employee to an overseas location.

A robust and fit for purpose international assignment policy should be designed and created having considered the following points: It is extremely important that International assignment compensation (both cash payments and non-cash benefits) are calculated accurately and subject to the appropriate German income tax and/or social security withholdings.

In Germany, income tax exemption always has priority over social security contribution exemption.

We provide customized information, including guidebooks, school information and maps.

When an assignment fails, it is usually due to family issues, not job-related ones.


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