Interpersonal Problem Solving

Interpersonal Problem Solving-3
People are more likely to like and respect you if you're assertive in your communication rather than passive or aggressive.

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Employees and colleagues will respect and trust you more if you empathise with them and express compassion.

Also, understanding how people feel will help you communicate your thoughts and ideas in a way that makes sense to others and it helps you understand others when they communicate.

Strong interpersonal skills are important for employers because most jobs require you to effectively interact with other people.

These skills are now vital for success in the workplace.

You don't have to be incredibly sociable but you must develop some type of positive rapport with your team so that the workplace is pleasant for everybody.

For a business to function effectively people must work well together in order to achieve a common goal.Don't just speak with people who have similar views to your own, you should also speak to those who have opposing opinions.Show an interest in what they say with the aim of understanding how they think.You must be able to come to mutual agreements that keep everyone satisfied even if there is compromise.Being able to negotiate leads to respect and people will trust you as they know you look out for everyone's best interests.During conversations, a lot of the time the "listener" is thinking about how they're going to respond rather than concentrating on what the speaker is saying.By really listening you can provide a more thoughtful answer that takes the speaker's thoughts and opinions into account.When communicating with others your aim is to display open body language, such as, a relaxed posture, maintaining eye contact, uncrossed arms, nodding your head, smiling etc.Closed body language should be avoided as you may be perceived as uninterested or even untrustworthy, for example, folding arms or legs, avoiding eye contact, shifting eyes, fidgeting etc.This will help with your own development as it challenges you and people will admire you for this because it shows a willingness to learn from others even if you are in disagreement.Negotiation is important in a variety of situations, for example, you may need it to resolve a conflict or create a contract.


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