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If a member has some problem the whole family is beside him. This has a natural effect on our health and physical fitness. The instructions of the elders are followed with great respect.

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Without my family, a large part of my life and culture would be missing.

Whether it's my grandparent, my two sisters, my mom, or my dad, I know I can always count on someone to help me feel better.

Also, you should avoid cluttering it with unnecessary details. Strange as it is, but usually the most difficult essay topics are those of informative essays. They just can’t believe it can be interesting to anyone, except themselves. Then, let’s try envisioning your family in a different light or from a new angle. Would you like to spend a day with your siblings and what would you do? Did your parents have long and romantic relationships or they fell in love rapidly and have never separated since then? Or, maybe, your grandparents were happy runaway lovers? Centuries ago people began to say that ‘blood is thicker than water’. To me my family really means everything in the world.

When you’ve got through the theory, you probably have begun to understand how your essay should look like. Such topics usually suggest that we tell about ourselves, our jobs or childhood, hobbies, dreams and those who have played a significant role in our lives. Did you get enough attention and care while being a child? Would you like to change anything in your relationships with them? My parents and siblings are those who I can always turn to for help and affection.

What these parents don't realize is that they are either beginning or involving themselves in a vicious circle of hate in families.

When parents abuse their children, they are telling their children that that is the way to raise children, and this is what their children learn.

We learnt the lesson of punctuality and honesty from our grandfather.

Since our early childhood we are taught to respect the elders and love the children.

I was lucky, I have learned differently, because my family cares about me, and I care about them.

In this world of doubt, insecurity, and fear, my family is always there for me, holding their arms open to me with love.


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