Iraq War Cause And Effect Essay

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For example, cause and effect essay on the iraq war should provide short information on relations between U. and Iraq prior to September 11, analyze how the attack has motivated American government to start a war, and come up with the main true cause of the war.

Cause and effect essay stress or cause and effect essay procrastination are more complex to write because there is much less information on these topics compared to wealth of information on war in Iraq.

For Al-Qaeda, the arrival of a Shiite government and the presence of US troops created a dream environment.

Posing as the protector of Sunnis, Al-Qaeda created alliances with both Islamist and secular Sunni insurgent groups and began seizing territory in the Sunni tribal heartland of north-western Iraq.

John Busch of Baytown, Texas with the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment walks on a patrol on July 13, 2011 in Iskandariya, Babil Province Iraq. Spencer Platt/Getty Images Mourners carry the coffins of Iraqi Sunni men found dead on September 28, 2005 in Baghdad, Iraq.

As the deadline for the departure of the remaining American forces in Iraq approaches, Iraqi politicians have agreed to meet in two weeks time in order to give a final decision about extending the U. troops' presence beyond the end of the 2011 deadline. Bodies of seven Iraqi Sunni men were found on September 28, 2005 north of Baghdad, Iraq.Violence against foreign troops has recently picked-up with June being the worst month in combat-related deaths for the military in Iraq in more than two years. Akram Saleh /Getty Images Top positions in Saddam Hussein’s regime were occupied by Sunni Arabs, a minority in Iraq, but traditionally the dominant group going back to the Ottoman times. S.-led invasion enabled the Shiite Arab majority to claim the government, the first time in the modern Middle East that Shiites came to power in any Arab country.This historic event empowered Shiites across the region, in turn attracting suspicion and hostility of Sunni regimes.Some Iraqi Sunnis launched an armed rebellion targeting the new Shiite-dominated government and foreign forces.The spiraling violence grew into a bloody and destructive civil war between Sunni and Shiite militias, which strained sectarian relations in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries with a mixed Sunni-Shiite population.The Iraqi Prime Minister office shows Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki holding photographs of a man identified by the Iraqi government as al-Qaida leader in Iraq Abu Ayyub al-Masri.Iraqi Prime Minister office/Getty Images Suppressed under Saddam’s brutal police state, religious extremists of all colors began popping out in the chaotic years after the regime’s fall.The KRG is the closest any of the Kurdish people – split mainly between Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Turkey – came to real statehood, emboldening Kurdish independence dreams elsewhere in the region.The civil war in Syria has provided Syria’s Kurdish minority with an opportunity to renegotiate its status while forcing Turkey to consider dialogue with its own Kurdish separatists.Second, you need to develop an outline and think about the essay structure.Third, you need to write a first draft and revise it.


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