Islamic Finance Dissertation Proposal

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The length, however, may vary with the nature of the topic.

The Institute of Islamic Studies maintains specific procedures for the development and submission of thesis proposals prior to research and writing.

The process of completing a thesis moves from selecting a topic in consultation with your supervisor(s) to then developing a suitable proposal, which in turn must be submitted to and approved by the Institute Faculty at one of the scheduled staff meetings during the academic year. When the final draft of the thesis is ready, the thesis is submitted to GPS, which forwards a copy to the External Examiner.

Once the External Examiner has submitted his/her report with a ‘Pass’, the oral defense examination is organized by the Institute.

Developing a thesis proposal and then researching, writing, and submitting the thesis are challenging mandatory components of your Ph D degree.

In order to assist you in the successful completion of these tasks, the procedures and guidelines as required by the Institute of Islamic Studies and Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) are presented below.Ph D students are expected to develop ideas during their course work and while preparing for their comprehensive examinations. Writing a Thesis Proposal approved by your supervisor(s) The purpose of your proposal is to demonstrate the viability of your research topic to the Faculty of the Institute.This entails developing (a) specific research question(s), along with the reasons and importance of the proposed research, suitable methodologies to answer your question(s), an outline and a detailed bibliography.Language of the Thesis The doctoral dissertation may be submitted in either English or French.Grammatical correctness is requisite, and felicity of expression is among the criteria involved in judging the dissertation.Its content must reflect complete understanding and control of the subject based on the latest data, and must show skill in orderly exposition and ability to marshal and organize evidence and draw logical conclusions.The average length of a doctoral dissertation accepted at the Institute is 250 double-spaced typewritten pages (inclusive of footnotes and appendices, but exclusive of bibliography).Having completed all the course and language requirements and passed the Comprehensive Examinations, the Ph D candidate may proceed to the writing of the dissertation proposal.The Ph D dissertation is expected to consist in original research that is based on the relevant primary and secondary sources.A sample outline is provided below for your guidance, but please consult with your supervisor(s) as to the format they prefer.Format: The maximum length accepted is 6 pages, excluding bibliography.


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