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(After getting into Harvard early, I decided not to apply to Yale, Columbia, UChicago, UPenn, and other Ivy League-level schools, since I already knew I would rather go to Harvard.) The application that got me admitted everywhere is the subject of this guide.

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A rightful assumption is that el pollo is some beautiful word, a word signifying hope or love, or that at the very least, it epitomizes some circumstance in my life in a meaningful way. Sure, I could count to ten and describe the color of the sky, but I couldn’t hold a conversation.

When I got to eighth grade, however, Spanish occupied my thoughts, especially when I realized how good I was at it.

I found myself complaining about English and its lacklusterness and difficulty in comparison to Spanish (English’s lack of an usted form, for example).

My friends spoke French, but that didn’t stop me from replying to their questions in Spanish.

You’ll see what items were critical in getting me admitted, and what didn’t end up helping much at all.

Reading this guide from beginning to end will be well worth your time - you might completely change your college application strategy as a result.

Then I'll share the #1 question you need to be thinking about as you construct your application.

Finally, we'll spend a lot of time going through every page of my college application, both the Common App and the Harvard Supplemental App.

As I continued into high school, my Spanish skills flourished.

I began to think in Spanish, palabras (words) swirling inside my head, interchanging with English.


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