Jane Eyre Character Analysis Essay

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Although artistic and educational pursuits are essential elements of Jane's personality, she also feels a need to assert her identity through rebellion.

In the opening chapters of the novel, Jane refers to herself as a "rebel slave," and throughout the story she opposes the forces that prevent her from finding happiness: Mrs.

She is intelligent and precocious, preferring the make believe world of books to the harsh and often unsympathetic world of reality.

She is also perceptive; knowing that the Reeds dislike her, yet not being quite sure why it should be so.

For example, supernatural experiences, heralds of visions "from another world," foreshadow drastic changes in Jane's life, such as her move from Gateshead to Lowood, or her rediscovery of Rochester after their time apart.

Thus, Jane's spirituality isn't a purely Christian one — in fact, she rejects many of the Christian characters in the novel, such as St. Brocklehurst — but a mixture of Christian and pagan ideas.The Character of Jane Eyre What we learn of the central character is considerable.Throughout the novel her dealings with those around her reveal her characteristics.From the novel's opening chapters to its close, Jane reads a variety of texts: Pamela, Gulliver's Travels, and Marmion. quickened with all incident, life, fire, feeling, that I desired and had not in my actual existence." Similarly, she believes education will allow her the freedom to improve her position in society by teaching her to act like a "lady," but her success at school, in particular her drawing ability, also increases her self-confidence.Stories provide Jane with an escape from her unhappy domestic situation, feeding her imagination and offering her a vast world beyond the troubles of her real life: By opening her inner ear, she hears "a tale my imagination created . Jane confesses that artistic creation offers her one of the "keenest pleasures" of her life, and Rochester is impressed with Jane's drawings because of their depth and meaning, not typical of a schoolgirl.Are you sure you want to remove #book Confirmation# and any corresponding bookmarks?Strong and independent protagonist and main character who grows and develops as the story progresses.Never losing her composure, she is able to match his arrogance and pride with irony and a refusal to take others as anything other than she finds them.We must remember, though that the calm outward composure is also a defence mechanism; hiding her real deepest feelings from the world.Most of Jane's rebellions target the inequities of society, but much of her personality is fairly conventional.In fact, she often seems to provide a model of proper English womanhood: frank, sincere, and lacking in personal vanity.


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