John Proctor The Crucible Character Analysis Essay

John Proctor The Crucible Character Analysis Essay-78
Proctor is a hard working farmer who has made a mistake, having an affair with Abigail.

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Abigail uses this technique many times in the play.

On this occasion, Mary Warren blames Proctor to save her life.

He tears up the arrest warrant, throws out the officials and rages "Damn the Deputy Governor! " At the end of the play, in Act 4, John faces the ultimate test of his courage and moral values when he is faced with signing the document, where to lie would save his life. " Abigail Williams is undoubtedly the most despicable character in the play.

Proctor cannot sign the lie and exclaims: "Because it is my name! Her young and innocent appearance conceals a sly, selfish and callous girl.

Abigail had once been John Proctor's lover, but was then rejected. Conclusion You drank a charm to kill John Proctors wife!

" Abigail then smashes Betty across the face and shouts "shut it, shut it!

John Proctor was a farmer who did not agree with his minister, Mr. This was a very bad decision, and this drives a stake between Proctor and his wife.

Parris, he still should have gone to church more often.

Proctor is an honest man, he confesses his crime of adultery and hopes to clear his name of the witchcraft accusation, but chooses to die instead of sacrificing his integrity.

Abigail is a confused, lonely girl who falls in love with a father figure, Proctor.


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