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If part of the ecosystem is damaged, the entire ecosystem will eventually fall apart.

Take, for instance, the wetlands in the Wake Wetland Preserve in northern Waketown.

"These businesses depend on those living in the area to survive.

Adding thousands of people to the town will mean more people will shop at our markets, gas stations, and restaurants.

But their position “largely went ignored by the medical establishment,” notes Randy Alfred at , “and was opposed by a local water company near one London outbreak.” The accepted, mainstream scientific opinion held that all disease was spread through “miasma,” or bad air. After the pump handle’s removal, Snow published an 1855 monograph on waterborne diseases.

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This was the first public appearance of the legendary map—after the removal of the handle.

John Snow was an English physician and one of the fathers of modern epidemiology.

He was vital in discovering the method of communication of cholera, by tracing the source of an outbreak in Soho, London, in 1854.

John Snow defended his claim with scientific evidence after ample research.

His findings motivated changes in water and waste systems all over the world.


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