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Cassius fears that Caesar's rising power will further cripple the people, stating that a king would restrict the rights of noble citizens when they should always "be the masters of their fates" (I. Driven by jealousy, Cassius believes that the only way to save the Republic is to murder its greatest champion.Patriotic Brutus is soon convinced that Caesar must be eliminated, as he expresses that Caesar will be "scorning the base degrees from which he did ascend" (II. 26.), leaving the citizens as the Republic as mere pawns in a campaign of domination.

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Thus, Brutus joins Cassius and his conspiracy to remove Caesar permanently, not knowing that their actions are only hurting the great Republic that they serve willingly.

The conspirators band together under Brutus and Cassius, but it is Brutus' loyalties to the Republic that truly unites them. 93.) Cassius plans to let Brutus' patriotism blind him by manipulating Brutus into thinking that murdering Caesar would be for 'justice's sake'.

Mark Antony rises up during the chaos following Caesar's death, and uses it to his advantage by depicting how treacherous the murder of Caesar was. Antony sees how the conspirators have become blinded by their loyalties to the Republic, and that with Caesar's death, the Republic has now been tainted forever.

Antony eloquently states that since the conspirators have killed one of the "noblest men that ever lived in the tide of our times" (III. 77-78.) he will wreck havoc and promises to "let slip the dogs of war" (III. Antony then uses his words to bring the Republic, which the conspirators killed for, against them.

According to Cassius and the conspirators, Caesar is dangerous because he wishes to be king, and that a Rome ruled by Caesar would be calamitous.

To bolster his case, Cassius cites Caesar's history of infirmities to Brutus in order to portray Caesar as a cripple unfit to rule a country like Rome.

The conspirators soon realize that their call for justice was short lived, and one by one they commit suicide.

The Rome that Brutus and Cassius fought for was destroyed by their very actions, as Antony and Octavius eventually rise up to seize absolute power and declare the Roman Republic obsolete.

Brutus views Rome as an idea greater than himself, and Cassius uses this to his advantage when he thinks of how Brutus' "honorable mettle may be wrought from that it is disposed". Brutus falls into Cassius' trap, thus entering a conspiracy that will bring an end to the Roman Republic through violence.

Brutus' ideas of justice are in fact instruments of corruption, a fact that he does not realize until the moment of his death. The conspirators do not see that the blood on their hands will eventually mark them as traitors.


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