Julius Caesars Essays

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The bridge was built in a short time and Caesar's army crossed it waging war against the tribes there.

Afterward, he crossed back over and dismantled the bridge.

He made himself famous to all Romans by writing about his military exploits.

He recorded the tales of his battles and his enemies and these tales were read all over Rome and its countryside.

His letters were sent back to Rome to inform the leadership of his progress, but his letters were read far and wide and helped to secure his popularity with the people.

As a governor of some northern provinces, he chose to use his four legions to take over more land in the name of Rome.

Even though Pompey had been defeated, Caesar knew he needed to capture Pompey and headed to Alexandria after him.

By the time Caesar made it there, however, Pompey had been murdered by a soldier of Ptolemy.

He pushed north and south and extended Rome over most of modern day France, Germany and Spain.

He defeated many of the tribes of these regions as they were ill-equipped and they were easily out maneuvered by the well-disciplined, well-trained Roman legions.


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