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As for lack of suspense, this was perhaps a comment better directed toward the arguably less involving plot, than to individual scenes.

Take the scene when Sarah, Ian and Nick are hanging over the cliff edge in the jeep.

When Sarah falls onto the pane of glass and realises it is all that lies between her and the empty, certain-death blackness below, the POV is incredible, focusing excruciatingly on the slowly cracking glass above the ravine.

It is one of those accomplished Spielberg moments I when despite our certainty that the character will survive, we are hanging onto her every move with intense concern.

The biggest, most inevitable problem for The Lost World was that the public had seen the dinosaurs before.

Think of the fuss when Jurassic Park came out: it was the CGI dinosaurs everyone was excited about.

Perhaps, the best way to view The Lost World is to not take it too seriously.

After all, there are plenty of signs that it doesn't do so itself.

I think that this is because Spielberg was trying to create the point of view from inside the tree.

The footsteps of basically anything that could walk was taken into...


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