Kate Chopin Research Essay

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Though the precise location is never revealed, the views of women and the prevalence of railroads suggest that the story occurred in the late nineteenth century.

The main character is Louise Mallard, a young woman who “was afflicted with a heart trouble” (Chopin par. Brently Mallard is Louise’s husband and is believed to have perished in a railroad accident.

After a while her sister comes to her door begging her to come out and to cheer up.

Louise immediately tells her to go about and continues to fantasize about her free days ahead.

Chopin wrote her many of her stories around a time when society was very obstructive about the view of women and their place in society, a time when women who did not have their own voices were merely servants to their husbands.

In the stories “The Story of an Hour,” “The Storm,” and “Desiree’s Baby,” Chopin portrays oppression of women and shows the affect the condition of the society had on women and how they saw life and marriage.“Story of an Hour” is a short story about a young woman, Louise Mallard, whose husband had just died.Because of her heart trouble she has to be told of his death extremely carefully. At this point Louise begins to repeat the word “free” over and over again.She would be able to live by herself and do as she pleased without being selfish in her marriage. Mallard embraced this freedom that she knew she should not have been celebrating.Kate Chopin’s story sheds an intriguing light on the oppression that some women, especially in the 1800s, felt toward marriage. Mallard died at the end of the story, she did not die out of shock that her husband was alive, but from watching her freedom slip through her hands.As they descended the stairs together, the front door opened and Brently entered the house. Mallard dies upon seeing him, and her cause of death, according to the doctors, was “heart disease -- of the joy that kills” (par. The conflict in the story is the confusion that Mrs.Not only had he been far from the scene of the accident, but “did not even know there had been one” (par. Mallard feels after learning that her husband has died. Mallard spends a few minutes in mourning, upset by the unexpected departure of her husband.Therefore when she learns of her husband’s death she believes all chains have been broken and she is now free of her vows of marriage and can finally live her life however she feels.Chopin go on to mention things and small details like “the patches of blue sky through the clouds,” and the beginning of spring to show just how aware Louise was about the true nature of her newfound freedom.She will now be able to go out live out her dreams and establish herself, and will no longer be bound to a man or a household.In this story Chopin showed how marriage acts merely as a border between women and their wants and desires.


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