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Companies are in business for a reason, to make a profit.This value is about celebrating wins, and improving on losses, all while keeping a positive attitude, and providing feedback.

Companies are in business for a reason, to make a profit.

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Other ethical practices by Kellogg’s are their newest efforts to end unfair marketing to children.For supporting Canadian economic, people should buy cereal that made in Canada.Promotion on TV, tell people that national brand are healthier and to support local economy. One of our target population groups is Baby Boomer, they have disposable income, and they are conscious of healthy eating than their parents.Ethics is a large part of the Kellogg’s organization; they firmly believe in social responsibility, as well as maintaining their employee’s satisfaction.They have strong core values as a whole which they relay on their website as their KThen finally, there are results.They have created a “Nutrient Criteria” guide that sets the standards for what is and what isn’t healthy for children to consume, or over consume.Their products that do not fit these criteria are immediately ceased from marketing to children under the age of 6.Kellogg’s Ethics Kellogg’s Overview The Kellogg’s company shows a serious commitment to ethics. They produce food items such as cookies, crackers, cereal, baking needs, and many other snack items commonly consumed. company for ethics in the food and beverage industry; third globally.[1] Their role in the food and beverage industry has been maintained for over 100 years, and they produce their products globally, spanning 180 countries.Employees The employees of the Kellogg Company are also considered to be internal stakeholders; who included 26,000 people in 2006.External Stakeholders Government The government is saw as an external stakeholder because the company must abide by certain state and federal rules and regulations in order to be considered a legitimate business.


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