Kids Homework Answers

Uncle Ben’s reached out to schools nationwide to arrange "homework passes" for cooking. The result is the first brand campaign that’s getting kids out of traditional homework and into the kitchen.

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If I was this child’s parent, I would probably be proud of the fact that he knew the lyrics to such a good song. To be fair, everyone and everything does it and if you are asking a kid to write a sentence about things that start with the letter “D,” what do you expect? Does anyone else feel like this kid was set up for this? Why would you even attempt to teach kids about “F” words.

Something tells me the teacher had to giggle a little when she read this too. I hope this kid continues to be this creative on all his assignments. I mean the kid followed the directions, his letters are neat, his handwriting is legible. Had the teacher not pointed out that this was inappropriate, the kid probably wouldn’t have thought anything about it. Kids are pretty oblivious to these kinds of things and sometimes grown ups make them worse than they are. Yea they need to learn about words that start with the letter “F” but maybe they shouldn’t be referred to as “F” words. I think the teacher should just be glad the kid went with FART and not another popular word that starts with the same letter.

The new campaign, brought to life with the help of Olson Engage and BBDO San Francisco, builds on Uncle Ben’s long-running initiative to get more families cooking together.

I partnered with Uncle Ben’s to give some kiddos the BEST surprise.

If you were like some kids in school, you probably dreaded quiz days and how prepared you were really depended on how much you studied.

The following 25 funny test answers were from kids who thought a clever answer was better than a wrong one.

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In a move that turns every kid's dream into reality, Uncle Ben’s is handing out homework passes.

There’s just one (fun) catch -- they have to swap it for cooking.


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