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The last thing I want to do is put strain on a family because nightly homework hasn't been done.

The last thing I want to do is put strain on a family because nightly homework hasn't been done.What I give to students is a monthly homework calendar.So I've done my fair share of reading research and looking into studies on homework's effectiveness, and I've formed my own opinion.

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I guess the next thing anyone else needs is an opinion, but I'll go ahead and put in my two cents!

I've only ever taught kindergarten, and I've always given homework.

Whether it was a thick packet of stapled workbook pages, monthly family projects, journal prompts, or homemade calendars with nightly tasks, homework has always been part of my teaching journey.

I've seen the conversation around homework shift and turn ugly and make rational adults start pointing fingers.

I love when students come in to school the morning after completing a fun homework task and are excited to tell me about it.

I especially love hearing from parents who can't believe they're declaring homework time to be an enjoyable part of their night!I love sharing this model with other teachers in hopes of swaying them; however, I do get lots of questions about my homework, so I'd like to answer some of them: What do you do if a student doesn't do homework all year long? I've had students in the past whose homework I never saw, but the student was performing well and making good progress towards kindergarten goals. But there are other students whose homework I don't see for the first part of the year, but I also don't see progress towards kindergarten goals.For those students, I will talk with parents and make homework required, at least for a period of time.If they are not meeting goals or performing at grade level, I've already talked with parents before this point.I want them to know that support at home is crucial and that I'll be checking homework weekly. I posted a freebie for you guys last September but didn't want to roll out a whole year's worth of homework without testing it out myself.With a little tweaking and the addition of the summer months I can now present to you an entire year's worth of Kindergarten homework!!Each night, the task is hands-on, interactive, and (maybe) even fun!The homework is designed to be done with an adult and focused on conversation.;) The full year of homework calendars will be 20% through Saturday, August 9th!If you're looking for homework that makes your life easier then download this packet, leave me some feedback on Tp T & get your copier number ready to make a class set!


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