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, explained that invention and inquiry strategies (also known as heuristics) are helpful because they are tools to building a framework for an essay and can be used in almost all writing situations.These strategies can help one explore, study, and scrutinize a topic.

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Cubing, according to the North Central University Writing Center, is about approaching “each subject or topic as a six-sided cube, with each of the six perspectives offering a different point of view.” Here is a version of the Six Sides of Cubing: Dialoguing refers to the conversation between two or more people, according to authors Axelrod and Cooper.

The steps in performing this exercise are: write a conversation between two people (Speaker A and Speaker B); if one stops, the other may ask another speaker to ask the other a question; and present brief responses to keep the conversation moving fast.

Writing has become a part of our daily lives, in our relationships, career, community works, and artistic expression. We would never understand ourselves and our surroundings without the recordings of our past. After that, things can only get better.” So now, let us begin making things better. An essay is a piece of writing that focuses on one subject and a particular purpose.

On the other hand, writing in the fields of science and business means experimenting with the future and laying out a roadmap of events and possibilities. In learning institutions, it is assigned to students to develop and test their writing skills, comprehension, and creativity.

Meanwhile, there are essays with no assigned topics or purpose.

In a post, the Missouri University of Science and Technology presents the six general types of purposes in writing according to the different parts of Russian linguist Roman Jakobson’s model of the communication situation: writer, reader, context, message, contact, and code:. Steven Hale, in his article for the Georgia Perimeter College, defined audience as “anyone who reads, sees, or hears a message (a story or essay, a speech, a painting, and so on).” He explained that there are two types of audience: Hale points out that knowing your audience means deciding on what your writing strategy would be.

Usually, the purpose springs from the writing assignment or your instructor’s requirements.

It should describe the ideal design and content of your essay.

The examples are physical (running a marathon), mental (a book you have read), and emotional (falling in love). The actor is involved in the action–either responsible for it or simply affected by it.

It may also come in the form of force, something that causes an action. The setting is the situation or background of the action.


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