Kinetic Homework

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The lecture notes for the class are online to people at UIUC. Office hour Tuesdays 4-5pm 3107 ESB If you wish to make an appointment to see the graders outside their office hour, please make appointment by email only, not phone.

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To orient students to the fictional homework assignment mentioned by the characters in the skit, allow them to drag and drop items shown on the interactive page linked on the right, or project the interactive page and discuss and rearrange the hillside images as a class.

The ball had lots of momentum, so there’s a big BUMP because inertia would cause the block to want to stay still and the ball to keep rolling.

Students practice using this important vocabulary and scientific terminology.

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Teacher Tips Consider choosing four students to read aloud the four parts.: System is a great word in science because it’s flexible. Cooper, Hamza, and Olivia are sitting at the same table, and they all have different answers to the problem.It’s like drawing an imaginary boundary around a portion of the real world and studying how the parts within it work together. Here’s how the problem looked on their worksheet: The five illustrations show an energy system but they aren’t in the correct order.An important historical note is here, and the original report (which was never published) is here.A visualization showing the surprising result is here.In class we talked briefly about the problems of equilibration and the notion that glass is a solid that flows on a long enough timescale.In fact, it does not seem to be true that cathedrals in Europe have windows that are thicker at the bottom than the top due to this effect.Please note that they will not respond to any email that is not an @email address, so do not use gmail etc for course matters.The Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-Tsingou problem is still a topic of interest, and a recent review can be found in this article.Let’s look at the last part of your homework with that hillside problem. When things are easy you’re not really learning, you’re just performing. Think through how the energy would move through this system.Remember that these exercises were supposed to help you begin thinking about energy. Then cut out the the images and tape them on another piece of paper in the correct order.


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