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This leaves Amir scarred with guilt and the first symptoms of the ramification it has on him is perceived when he declares on his ..more.Middle This is shown when Amir says, "I always felt like Baba hated me a little...

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Later on in the novel Amir discovers that the reason Baba was hard on him because he couldn't love Hassan, his half son, the way he yearned to so he took it out on Amir.

Afterwards Amir is able to reconcile himself with this fact when he becomes a father figure to Sohrab.

by Khaled Hussein, presents the relationships between Amir and Hassan.

Amir is the son of well-known man in all of the Kabul, Afghanistan; he grows up in this town and develops friendship with his servant’s son, named Hassan.

The conflict of Amir's search for redemption is articulated in the introduction when Amir says, "it was my past of unatoned sins" and then he alludes to what Rahim Khan said to him "There is a way to be good again." This indicates to the reader that Amir had perpetrated a sin in his past that he regrets and feels he needs atone for.

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His misdemeanor is revealed to the reader after the kite-flying competition when he failed to prevent Hassan's rape.

Amir cannot even describe that “depth and blackness of the sorrow that came” (Hosseini 301) in order to find out the forgiveness.

The idea of friendship captivates and touch mind indeed, however, the idea of betrayal of friendship should touch not only mind but also soul and teach its readers to accept friendship as it is, without paying attention to social status, original roots, and color of skin.

Mistakes, made by Amir in past, led to tragic end of Hassan but saved Hassan’s son Sohrab’s future and allowed Amir to see the smile on Sohrab’s face “lopsided. He comprehends that it is “better to get hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie” (Hosseini 58), but it was too late in order to save Amir and Hassan’s friendship, but it was just in time to save another life, the life of Sohrab.

One mistake in the past, one betrayal of a friend, and one lie to a father have made Amir’s life beautiful and terrible at the same time.


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