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At this stage, increased emphasis is placed on hiring the individuals with the highest levels of knowledge or purchasing and creating the infrastructure to support the management of knowledge.

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Knowledge requirements Apple is a knowledge intensive company, its very advancement having been based on innovation and knowledge.

This virtually means that the level of knowledge within the firm is increased and the processes of knowledge management are intense.

This project as such sets out to assess the knowledge management systems at Apple Inc. Today, Apple's managerial model is complex and multifaceted, to focus on dimensions such as innovation and product development, cost efficiencies and product affordability, customer relationship management or human resource management.

And to propose some recommendations as to how this organization could further develop its knowledge management systems. And at the level of all these dimensions, Apple places an increased emphasis on knowledge management, understood not only as the management of information, but more so the creation of a material and immaterial environment in which information can thrive.

The Apple products are vast and they integrate technical as well as business knowledge.

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But aside from the products, the company also makes the knowledge available at the level of services.The organization recognizes the need for strong customer services and invests in the acquisition of knowledge that would allow the employees to improve the quality of the interaction between the company and the customers. managers and executives, the people skills -- including good communication skills or empathy -- are necessary in order to best communicate amongst themselves, but also to best represent the interests of the organization in meetings with various categories of stakeholders, such as the general public, potential investors, business partners and so on.At the general level, Apple places an increased emphasis on the technical and non-technical skills of the people it employs, be these managerial or non-managerial.Managing Knowledge/Knowledge management systems Taking Apple Inc. Review efficiency effectiveness Apple's / selected organization's knowledge management systems: • Identifying knowledge requirements Apple/selected organisation's managers leaders.Knowledge management systems Historically, the labor force would be represented from people paid low wages and expected to operate the machines and to implement the decisions as taken and instructed by the managers.At a secondary level, the company strives to create the knowledge by combining and using all the resources laid out throughout the previous stage.At this level, they also place more emphasis on actual means of creating more knowledge, through programs such as internships, employee training or other educational programs through which they strive to improve the overall process of knowledge generation (Apple Inc. Last, in terms of knowledge conversion, this is best applied at the level of the Apple products, which are created based on the knowledge generated throughout the previous steps.Within the specialized literature, a universally accepted definition of knowledge management has yet to be devised and agreed upon, but the scope of commencing to understand the concept is well served by the definition below: "Knowledge Management ('KM') comprises a range of practices used by organizations to identify, create, represent, and distribute knowledge.[…] Knowledge Management programs are typically tied to organizational objectives such as improved performance, competitive advantage innovation, lessons learnt transfer (for example between projects) and the general development of collaborative practices.At this level, the knowledge is transferred onto the products, such as the i Phones, i Pads or i Pods, which gain more market share as a result of design and knowledge integrated (Knowledge Today, 2011).What is notable about Apple's process of knowledge creation is that, despite its layered structure, the process is a cyclic one and often times, the three stages of knowledge creation are developed in parallel.


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