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Check out our listed assignment rule examples below and see if any standout for your organisation: Assignment Rules Based On Territory a popular method of lead & case distribution across the United States & Europe.In this case individual queue’s can be created based on Geographical areas, for example in the US you may have 3 different queue’s for the west coast, central region & the east coast.

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When the assignment process takes place, leads are then only distributed to agents who are pre-selected as being experts in that field.

This can be extremely useful for companies like Insurance Brokers who offer customer service across motor, home & travel products yet employees may not be trained across all 3 verticals.

A lead can be generated either by manually or generated from the web.

Salesforce lead assignment rules defines the administrators to assign a Case to users and queues based on criteria.

The assignment rules can pick out any consistent data points like this and use the information to assign the opportunity to the most appropriate list of representatives.

Company size could be another data point that is used for this line of thinking and this can help ensure the most lucrative opportunities are taken care of by the most experienced sales reps.

All the above methods can be configured directly using the standard assignment rule functionality however there is a whole World of added options if using any of the enterprise technology found in the Salesforce App Exchange.

For example, our Q-Assign application can do all of the above – as well as distributing leads based on workloads, office hours and point scoring criteria.

Salesforce can be configured to offer various types of lead and case assignment straight out of the box and companies can fine tune the setup with an impressive degree of control.

However, what might be the optimum process for one company may be entirely the wrong approach for another, so each setup will have its own merits.


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