Learning Disability Research Paper

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The Research Committee works in support of the goals of the LDA Healthy Children Project disseminating information on factors that contribute to learning disabilities and policy efforts to eliminate preventable causes to federal agencies and members of congress.

Information on chemicals of concern to brain development is available at goal of the LDA Research Committee is to promote scientific, professional and legislative interest in known and probable causes of learning disabilities that may lead to knowledge-based prevention and remediation and to support the LDA Healthy Children Project.

The difficulty begins during school years, though it may not become fully apparent until the demands on the affected skills exceed the individual’s capacity, such as in timed tests.

The difficulties must not be better explained by intellectual disabilities—those with learning disabilities often have average or above-average intelligence—and are also not accounted for by other disorders, uncorrected vision or hearing, psychosocial adversity, or inadequate instruction or knowledge of the language used to teach.

Specific learning disorder seems to run in families.

Individuals are more likely to have such a disorder if a first-degree relative such as a parent or sibling has one. Learning disabilities can be lifelong conditions that can affect one's experience at school or work or in social situations.These problems are not related to an inability to see or hear, but rather the recognition of, response to, and memory of such information.The aim was to inform the Board of Directors and the membership about any new scientific information about the causes of learning disabilities.During the last 40 years, the Committee has been active continuously in presenting LDA annual conference several relevant conference sessions and neuroscientific symposia.Symptoms can range from mild—involving difficulty in one or two domains that is responsive to accommodations or support—to severe, where an individual is unlikely to learn the affected skills without intensive, individualized teaching.While the causes of learning disabilities are not fully understood, a number of risk factors have been identified. Wiley Online Library requires cookies for authentication and use of other site features; therefore, cookies must be enabled to browse the site.Detailed information on how Wiley uses cookies can be found in our Privacy Policy.The Committee monitors scientific and medical literature, public policy, research grants, diagnostic methods and biological causes related to learning disabilities.The Committee brings salient information and scientific contribution to the LDA Board Directors, committees and membership.


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