Learning Style Essay

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Providing a clear connection between abstract thoughts and tangible situations is very important for Kinesthetic learners like me.

John Dewey’s “learning-by-doing” summarizes what kinesthetic learning style is all about (Malone, 2003).

According to the descriptions, multi-sensory approach in teaching would be beneficial to kinesthetic learners.

Activities which would require outdoor experiences are basically effective in learning retention of these types of learners.

Kinesthetic learners are often misunderstood as disruptive and inattentive because of the nature of their learning preferences. In these continuous and iterative learning cycles the ambitions are jointly formulated and translated into concrete projects for the enterprise and its related networks. Learning Style Inventory Paper Section _____ I enjoy categorizing things by common traits _____ Ecological issues are important to me _____1 ification helps me make sense of new data _____1 I enjoy working in a garden _____1 I believe preserving our National Parks is important _____ Putting things in hierarchies makes sense to me _____ Animals are important in my life _____ My home has a recycling system in place _____1 I enjoy studying biology, botany and/or zoology _____1 I pick up on subtle differences in meaning _____5 TOTAL for Section 1 Section 2 _____1 I easily pick up on patterns _____ I focus in on noise and sounds _____ Moving to a beat is easy for me _____ I enjoy making......

Even with the new concepts of learning, most educational systems still have high regard towards written activities which would only cater to visual and linguistic learners. My Adult Learning Style BY YOU YOUR ACADEMIC ORGANIZATION HERE HERE HERE My Adult Learning Style Learning Style Professionalsin the field of education tend to agree that students are unable to apply “critical thinking skills to new material unless they first understand that material” (Chabris, 2009, p. Comprehension is a critical part of the student’s ability to understand information, thus it is important to recognize what specific learning style is most appropriate to build better understanding of learning materials.

Learning styles are unique aspect of a learner’s initiative to gain new knowledge and are important as basis for the mode of instruction that should be used.

Learning Styles and Kinesthetic Learner Experiences The VARK questionnaire is a multiple choice type of test which provides questions about normal day-to-day activities which aims to identify the test taker’s learning style.

If they should take down notes, they are likely to associate them with concrete examples because abstract concepts might confuse them.

Based on these descriptions, I could say that I am strongly inclined with kinesthetic learning. Questionnaire Nilson said that the VARK (visual, aural, read/write, and kinesthetic) learning style assessment emphasizes on learning styles that utilize an individual’s senses (sight, touch, hearing).


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