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Legal Internship Cover Letter-68
Your goal here is to answer the question, “Why should the employer meet you?” Call attention to something which substantiates your interest in this particular employer.

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As for the appropriate salutation, traditionally, it is “Dear [Mr./Ms.] [Last Name].

However, we understand that this prevailing business norm may not be inclusive of individuals who do not use either of those titles (for example, because they identify as gender nonconforming).

My desire to join Major Law Firm is the result of several considerations. I am also eager to gain exposure to other areas of thefirm’s practice, particularly the Competition and Business groups. Student Association, I have honed my problem solving,communication and time management skills by organizing social events and initiating a researchproject for both the Faculty of Law and Business.

program at the University of XXX,faculties of Law and Business, and I am pleased to submit my application for a 201* Summer Student position at Major Law Firm. A.program has piqued my interest in Mergers and Acquisition Law and I recognize that Major Law Firm isa leading Canadian law firm in this arena.

While not simply imitating the language of the listing, your letter should demonstrate that you have what the employer is looking for. A few employers at OCI request that students bring a cover letter to the initial interview.

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This is essentially to require students to think about why they want to work for this employer, but it makes for a letter which deviates from the usual “please consider me for an interview” approach. Cover letters should follow standard business letter format, as to spacing, salutation, etc.If you are not sure to whom you should send your letter, it is always acceptable to write to the executive director of a nonprofit, or the hiring partner or head of recruiting at a firm; they can forward your application to the appropriate person within the organization.If at all possible, write to an individual by name, not to “Director” or “Recruiting Coordinator.” Firm and organization web sites are very useful in finding this information (and for confirming correct spellings and the like); it may be more difficult to find the name of an individual addressee for government job opportunities.If you do not have the name of an individual, the salutation should be “Dear Sir or Madam” (not “To Whom It May Concern”).Of course if you are responding to a job posting, address your letter exactly as instructed.Otherwise, you will need to make your own judgment as to whether recipients are more likely to recognize your inclusivity or to view the greeting as awkward or erroneous.In our office, we are also working to help employers become familiar with gender-inclusive approaches like “Dear [First Name] [Last Name],” but like any process of education, this will take time.Your telephone number and email address should appear somewhere in the letter, either at the top with your address, or in the closing paragraph, when you ask them to contact you.Note that your resume is “enclosed,” not “attached” (which means clipped or stapled).When you respond to a job listing, you will usually be requested to submit a cover letter as part of your application.In this case, use the job description and requested qualifications as a guide.


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