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Raphael utilized perspective to give the painting depth.He also captured the Renaissance’s love of combining beauty and science-bringing back things like geometry from the ancient Greeks: Mary, Christ, and John the Baptist form a pyramid. Masaccio was a pioneer in the technique of one point perspective; the painting is an image of what one person looking at the scene would see.Prior to the Renaissance Period, art was largely commissioned by the Catholic Church, which gave artists strict guidelines about what the finished product was to look like.

Raphael utilized perspective to give the painting depth.

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What was then evolving in Western civilization was the very notion that space was no longer to be understood as finite and “aggregate” according to Aristotelian theory, but as infinite and isotropic as Renaissance philosophers such as Biagio Pelacani were gradually realizing. For Renaissance artists, it seemed the ideal way to image nature in a painting.

Notice how Peter, next to the water, and the mountains are paler and less clear than the objects in the foreground.

The lines in the painting meet atop Jesus’ head in a vanishing point.

In this dark period Europeans sought a new start, a cultural rebirth, a renaissance.

The Renaissance began in Italy where the culture was surrounded by the remnants of a once glorious empire.


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