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Practice Similar Letters Together We felt that we needed to go back and reteach how to make the lower case h, n, m, and r because so many of our kids were confused on how to form them correctly.

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We went straight to the small lined paper, and it was pretty hard for some of the kids.

I think that part of the problem is that even if you use large lined paper, it’s still pretty small in their eyes!

Paper suitable for correspondence, letter writing, even calligraphy.

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You have to make sure that your letters touch the grass line before you stop.” Then I showed them what I meant by drawing letters right on those pages with a dry erase marker. Then I demonstrated how to write a few letters for the group with my dry erase marker right on those pages.

Give Examples and Non­ Examples of Correctly Formed Letters on Large Format Lined Paper Then I drilled the class on what each line was called by moving my marker up and downand having them respond with, “Sky! I would print it correctly or incorrectly and then ask them if it was done right or wrong? Guided Practice: Give the Kids a Chance to Try It (But BE PATIENT!

As the children gave it their first try, we had some success.

I told the kids to make sure that they started at the sky and went all the way down to the bottom grass line. Butkus, I just can’t figure out where the sky, grass, and dirt are on the white paper.” And that’s when the light went on for me!

All of our writing sets have such beautiful designs, even the shortest thank you letter becomes instantly special.

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