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Sabogal PDF Conceptual Structures of Vietnamese Emotions, Hien T.

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": A diachronic usage-based approach to changes in American English address, Ben Sienicki PDF Kiowa-Tanoan: A Synchronic and Diachronic Study, Logan Sutton PDF THE ROLE OF SES AND ASL FOR LITERACY SUCCESS IN ASL-ENGLISH BILINGUALS, Paul Twitchell PDF Language Ideologies and Orthographies: Developing a Writing System for Than Ówîngeh, Evan Ashworth PDF Quantitative determinants of prefabs: A corpus-based, experimental study of multiword units in the lexicon, Clayton Beckner PDF The Southern Accent and "Bad English": A Comparative Perceptual Study of the Conceptual Network between Southern Linguistic Features and Identity, Dean Hayes PDF The evolution of constructions: The case of be about to, Joshua Mee PDF Coarticulation in American Sign Language Fingerspelling, Caitlin S.

You’ve chosen a very difficult but also intriguingly complex field of study.

Baker PDF Product and Process in Toefl i BT Independent and Integrated Writing Tasks: A Validation Study, Liang Guo PDF Refugees Negotiating Academic Literacies in First-Year College: Challenges, Strategies, and Resources, Eliana Hirano PDF A Genre Analysis of Second Language Classroom Discourse: Exploring the Rhetorical, Linguistic, and Contextual Dimensions of Language Lessons, Joseph J.

The proposal should be written and submitted before the student undertakes the bulk of the dissertation research.

The rights to our totally original manuscript will pass to you.

So instead of sharing examples of the work, which is protected, we will talk about projects we’ve completed within the 4 areas of linguistics study: morphology, syntax, semantics, and phonetics.

candidate must submit a written dissertation proposal (approximately 10-15 pages long), which must be approved by the candidate’s Reading Committee.

It establishes the background, feasibility and interest of the proposed research, and it details the procedures for accomplishing it in a timely manner.

Chee PDF Highly complex syllable structure: a typological study of its phonological characteristics and diachronic development, Shelece Easterday PDF Evolution of Complex Predicates with Cuenta Expressing Semantic Events of Cognition in Spanish, Aubrey N.

Healey PDF Intensifiers and the Construction of Identity in New Mexican English, Frances Jones PDF From Physical Motion to ‘Come and Go’: A Spoken Corpus Based Analysis of Kata ‘go’-specific Constructions in Korean, Jin Hee Kim PDF DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING: AN ANALYSIS OF UNEXPRESSED SUBJECTS IN ENGLISH DISCOURSE, Amy Marie Lindstrom PDF CUASI NOMÁS INGLÉS: PROSODY AT THE CROSSROADS OF SPANISH AND ENGLISH IN 20TH CENTURY NEW MEXICO, Jackelyn Van Buren PDF Iconicity effects in translation direction: Bimodal bilingual lexical processing, Benjamin Anible PDF A variationist perspective on Spanish-origin verbs in Paraguayan Guarani, Josefina Bittar Prieto PDF From the Unexpected to the Unbelievable: Thetics, Miratives and Exclamatives in Conceptual Space, Jose Hugo Garcia Macias PDF A Cognitive Grammar Analysis of the Semantics of the Russian Verbal Prefix na-, Christopher Hart-Moynihan PDF Unexpected Accompaniment: Cognitive Mechanisms for Language-Music Mismatch in Time, Hui-Chieh Hsu PDF Chinese DE constructions in secondary predication: Historical and typological perspectives, You-Min Lin PDF Cross-linguistic Functions of Complement Clauses in Oral Monologic Texts, Lindsay Morrone PDF A COGNITIVE APPROACH TO PHONOLOGY: EVIDENCE FROM SIGNED LANGUAGES, Corrine Occhino PDF Illustrating the prototype structures of parts of speech: A multidimensional scaling analysis, Phillip Rogers PDF Lexical variation, lexical innovation, and speaker motivations: a historical psycholinguistic approach, Jason Timm Dr.


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