Linguistics Dissertation Topics

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Remember that the more interested you are in the thesis topic, the more that will come across in your writing.

You won’t really put all of your effort into “selling” the idea if you don’t really care about it. You have to seek approval from your teacher or advisor before you can start the research.

Escalante Talavera PDF Backward Transfer of Apology Strategies from Japanese to English: Do English L1 Speakers Use Japanese-Style Apologies When Speaking English?

, Candice April Flowers PDF Cultural Differences in Russian and English Magazine Advertising: A Pragmatic Approach, Emily Kay Furner PDF An Analysis of Rehearsed Speech Characteristics on the Oral Proficiency Interview—Computer (OPIc), Gwyneth Elaine Gates PDF Second Language Semantic Retrieval in the Bilingual Mind: The Case of Korean-English Expert Bilinguals, Janice Si-Man Lam PDF Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Korean Heritage-Speaking Interpreter, Yoonjoo Lee PDF Applying the Developmental Path of English Negation to the Automated Scoring of Learner Essays, Allen Travis Moore PDF Performance Self-Appraisal Calibration of ESL Students on a Proficiency Reading Test, Jodi Mikolajcik Petersen PDF Switch-Reference in Pastaza Kichwa, Alexander Harrison Rice PDF The Effects of Metacognitive Listening Strategy Instruction on ESL Learners' Listening Motivation, Corbin Kalanikiakahi Rivera PDF Rubric Rating with MFRM vs.

Holland PDF Bringing the Tutors to the Students: An Investigative Study of WAC Tutoring in Second Language Contexts, Kendon C.

Kurzer PDF A Novice Teacher's Shoebox: A Volunteer EFL Teacher Training Curriculum, Piret Luik PDF Speaking Like a Brahmin: Social Aspects of a Register of Spoken Telugu, Bradley B.Apart from this, another thing which you need to take into account is the subject matter on which you are required to write.PDF Pun Strategies Across Joke Schemata: A Corpus-Based Study, Robert Nishan Crapo PDF ESL Students' Reading Behaviors on Multiple-Choice Items at Differing Proficiency Levels: An Eye-Tracking Study, Juan M.Bergmann PDF The function of phrasal verbs and their lexical counterparts in technical manuals, Brock Brady PDF The importance of phonological practice and other strategies for vocabulary recall and comprehension, Kristi Allyn Du Bois PDF A study of the perceptual learning style preferences of Japanese students, Elizabeth Ann Hoffner PDF Analysis of English articles used by Japanese students, Noriko Iwasaki PDF An investigation of English spelling problems of Arabic-speaking students, Deborah Georgette Keim PDF Patterns of rhetoric/patterns of culture : a look at the English writing of Japanese students, Suzanne Raschke PDF Effects of setting on Japanese ESL students' interaction patterns, Noriko Yamamoto PDF An evaluation of the academic success of students who participated in the English for non-native residents program at Portland State University, Linda Carol Andrews Dunn PDF Cross-cultural differences in written discourse patterns : a study of acceptability of Japanese expository compositions in American universities, Hiroko Kitano PDF Study of referential and display questions and their responses in adult ESL reading classes, Susan Lindenmeyer PDF Phrasal verbs in academic lectures, Robert D.Discourse studies is a vast field which offers many fascinating details about people, culture, movements, technology, and all other changes having taken place throughout the time.Carter PDF A Longitudinal Analysis of Adult ESL Speakers' Oral Fluency Gains, Kostiantyn Fesenko PDF Rethinking Vocabulary Size Tests: Frequency Versus Item Difficulty, Brett James Hashimoto PDF The Onomatopoeic Ideophone-Gesture Relationship in Pastaza Quichua, Sarah Ann Hatton PDF A Hybrid Approach to Cross-Linguistic Tokenization: Morphology with Statistics, Logan R.Bentley PDF A Corpus-Based Analysis of Russian Word Order Patterns, Stephanie Kay Billings PDF English to ASL Gloss Machine Translation, Mary Elizabeth Bonham PDF The Development of an ESP Vocabulary Study Guidefor the Utah State Driver Handbook, Kirsten M.Brown PDF A Motivational, Online Guide to Help English Language Learners with the Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of their Individual Pronunciation Improvement Plans, Sofia Laura Carreno Galdame PDF Teaching Practice and Motivation Among Albanian and Japanese Missionaries, Rebekah Susan Hoopes PDF The Language and Cross-Cultural Perceptions of Deception, Brent Logan Laing PDF The Role of Pronunciation in Speaking Test Ratings, Rui Ma PDF A Diachronic Analysis of North and South Korean Monophthongs: Vowel Shifts on the Korean Peninsula, Jessica M.Morgan PDF Parameters that Affect the Comfort Levels of Native English Speakers Communicating with Non-Native English Speakers, Kayla Marie Nymeyer PDF Syriac Rhetorical Particles: Variable Second-Position Clitic Placement, Patrick Brendon Pearson PDF A Qualitative Analysis of the English Language Teaching Practices of Latter-day Saint Missionaries, Rachel Tui Smith PDF Botheration and Recognition of Prescriptive Rules, Sara D." Washback Effects of an Alternative Assessment in a Culturally Heterogeneous EAP University Class, Abigail Bennett Carrigan PDF Wiki-based Collaborative Creative Writing in the ESL Classroom, Rima Elabdali PDF A Study of the Intelligibility, Comprehensibility and Interpretability of Standard Marine Communication Phrases as Perceived by Chinese Mariners, Lillian Christine Holland PDF Empowering All Who Teach: A Portrait of Two Non-Native English Speaking Teachers in a Globalized 21st Century, Rosa Dene David PDF A Corpus Based Analysis of Noun Modification in Empirical Research Articles in Applied Linguistics, Jo-Anne Hutter PDF Sound Effects: Age, Gender, and Sound Symbolism in American English, Timothy Allen Krause PDF Perspectives on the College Readiness and Outcome Achievement of Former Intensive English Language Program (IELP) Students, Meghan Oswalt PDF The Cognitive Development of Expertise in an ESL Teacher: A Case Study, Lyndsey Roos PDF Identity and Investment in the Community ESL Classroom, Jennifer Marie Sacklin PDF Code Switching Between Tamazight and Arabic in the First Libyan Berber News Broadcast: An Application of Myers-Scotton's MLF and 4M Models, Ashour S.Abdulaziz PDF Self-Efficacy in Low-Level English Language Learners, Laura F.


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