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You can even have students self-reflect and code their own paragraphs as a part of the writing process after studying a literary analysis essay example.By this time, students have gone through several cycles of modeling, seen literary analysis example texts, practiced textual analysis skills and paragraph writing with the opportunity for focused feedback from me.Finally, we practice proving claims through written analysis.

I received a question earlier this evening about what’s next in my Writing Workshop: What do you usually do next in writing workshop?

I just finished persuasive writing, and this is the first…

Poems, nonfiction articles, short stories, plays, and full-length novels become our main source of brain food for the rest of the year. Are your students like mine and you're not sure where to begin (or maybe just don't have the time to pull together a mini-unit on the fly?

I'd love for you to check out one of my new resources, Literary Analysis Essay Introduction.

Teacher bonus: it's waaaay easier to provide feedback for one paragraph than an entire literary analysis essay!

We continue with pattern-hunting and analysis of diction and syntax, but zoom out to also think about the author's purpose in a text as a whole.Assignment Identify a poem (or story or essay) from the issue that uses memory to link a past and present experience with place; write a poem (or story or essay) that functions in a similar way, but draw from your own experience.Curtis Bauer In this exercise you will explore the multidimensionality of a poem, essay, or story by “living with” the author and translator: reading and thinking about their work every day for a week.They then invited their classmates to write at least a few lines of a poem that would, in their words, embrace these opposite meanings.“I like this exercise not only because it gets students engaging with the fresh texts in detailed ways (at the same time we are all receiving and getting into our new issues) and working together, but also because it gives them a sense of what it is like to be in front of a class, teaching (potentially useful information for those who may be considering that path.)” – Amy Weldon Ask student groups or individual students to lead discussions on essays and poems from a single issue, identifying specific attributes of place-based writing and how that might apply to their own writing and/or how they perceive the places they inhabit.And you're welcome to try out this free sample, as well.For the FULL close reading and literary analysis bundle, click here. denotation skill-building, images-to-quotation analysis practice with mentor texts, and Google Form assessments. This analytical task is challenging for students, but rewarding when they're able to defend an interpretation of a bite-sized text.All the while, students are practicing important literary analysis essay skills and using I. E., but man oh man does the part of their paragraph stretch (see image to the right) and start to reflect higher-level thinking and analysis!Ask students to read all the poems, stories, or essays in a single issue, and to discuss them as a group—how they fit together and/or form a cohesive group across the whole journal, almost as if discussing a collection of poems, stories, or essays by a single author.How do they fit together with the rest of the issue?


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