Literature Review On Job Satisfaction

In the model of job satisfaction, numerous scholars consider intrinsic satisfaction, extrinsic satisfaction and job motivation to be of different constructs, but very much intertwined.For instance, the ability of administrators to adequately satisfy their employees (intrinsic and extrinsic satisfaction) may lead to a high level of job motivation (Bigliardi et al., 2005; Furnham et al., 2009; Liu et al., 2008; Seebaluck & Seegum, 2013; Stringer et al., 2011).For example, if employees are satisfied with the intrinsic job factors, this may motivate them to execute their jobs effectively and efficiently.

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From the perspective of organizational behaviour, intrinsic satisfaction is usually defined as an employees’ satisfaction with internal job factors such as recognition, achievement, opportunity to use and develop human capacities, advancement and responsibility (Chuang et al., 2009; Raddaha., 2012).

Meanwhile, Aldefer’s (1969) ERG theory explains that satisfaction with existence needs (i.e., physiological and safety needs), relatedness needs (i.e., social) and growth needs (i.e., esteem and self-actualization) may positively influence employee actions.

The ideas of these theories gained strong support from the job satisfaction researchers.

For example, studies have been conducted using a direct effects model to investigate the effect of job satisfaction based on different samples, such as the perception of all the knowledge workers operating in the R&D business functions from five large pharmaceutical companies in the Emilia Romagna region, Italy Mc Clelland’s (1961) theory of needs explains that satisfaction together with the needs for achievement, power and affiliation may drive employees’ satisfaction with their jobs.

This idea received strong support from job satisfaction literature.


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