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Once you do, you will be able to tackle problems as a powerful team and create a competitive advantage for your organization.An analytical thinker has the ability to get into the detail of a problem, evaluate all components & perspectives to understand it and determine what’s missing.When the search for past situations has been exhausted or a new solution is required, the logical problem solver may be at a loss.

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Chances are you have more than one type of problem solver among you.

I challenge you to cultivate these talents and make them into a competitive advantage.

Although their assumptions are credible & decisions well supported, they may not move quickly enough to a solution if they do not have all the facts.

Because their fact-finding process takes time, they may not offer any opinions unless specifically asked.

This awareness can help you gage whether or not the situation requires your skill, the skill of another team member or a combination of the two.

Effective problem solving offers an opportunity to move forward, rather than mitigate a setback.An absolute problem solver has the ability to see a problem as black or white and a solution as right orwrong.Absolute thinkers believe there is a right way of doing something and if there is a problem it is because those involved were unaware of the solution that exists.The limitation of positive thinkers is that they may not hold situations or individuals accountable when they are required to do so.This makes it possible that problems reoccur several times before solutions are put in place because they are not pragmatic enough to solve the issues. another because that’s where their mindset naturally takes them.If this worked before in a similar situation, it will work again in this one.The problem with inferring solutions based on past situations occurs when past situations do not exist.If a problem has a deadline or budget constraint, creative thinkers may struggle because they have difficulty focusing and can lose sight of more obvious solutions.A positive problem solver has the ability to compartmentalize a problem as an individual event and seek solutions with an open mind.So which approach to problem solving do you usually take? But when you understand the different paths, you can open the door to the best problem solving technique for a given situation.Now that you have taken the first step of “self” evaluation, what about the people on your team?


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