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A large portion of the group join Jack in hunting pigs with wooden sticks.Ralph also tells some of the schoolboys to help build shelters, but with the impatient kids escaping towards the beach to play, they achieve very little progress on them.

A large portion of the group join Jack in hunting pigs with wooden sticks.Ralph also tells some of the schoolboys to help build shelters, but with the impatient kids escaping towards the beach to play, they achieve very little progress on them.

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As Jack jousts with Ralph for power, the two become enemies, and later in the book, Jack stops at nothing to eliminate Ralph personally and nearly slays him by setting the island ablaze, only stopped by the intervention of a naval officer.

If left unchecked, evil and savagery have no bounds.

Worse still, the unguarded fire burns out while a ship sails by the island, signifying a missed opportunity to return to civilization, and possibly, surviving.

The self-seeking and belligerent nature of the little kids (known as “littluns”) in leaving their temporary jobs already indicates their lack of intention to get rescued and creates conflict with frustrated Ralph.

Thomas Hobbes, an Enlightenment philosopher, claimed that mankind is naturally evil and selfish and will cause conflicts “if any two men desire the same thing, which they nevertheless cannot both enjoy” or have differing opinions, in order to gain more power so that they can freely pursue their selfish desires, especially “during the time men live without a common power” and “in that condition which is called war, every man against every man,” and are therefore incapable of self-governing.

Hobbes’ position on human nature is easily observable; intolerance and bigotry causes violence and general public fear, which leads to a lack of productivity, mostly caused by “continual fear and danger of violent death.Through Jack, Golding refutes Hobbes’ proposal of an absolute monarchy. At the same time, many littluns experience nightmares of a “beastie” lurking in the island forests.In the first half of the novel, Ralph’s ineffectual leadership gradually declines as Jack Merridew, an arrogant and vicious biggun (that represents an absolute monarch), gains power in promoting the violent nature of hunting and appealing to the boys’ innate belligerence. While only one boy, Simon, seems to understand the beast as the common fear inside all humans that causes savagery as a group, the others let fear control them and even gradually spread to some bigguns.Through this, Golding demonstrates the heightened intensity of evil an absolute ruler can cause to his subjects.In Golding’s perspective, Thomas Hobbes’ theory on the evils of human nature is correct and observable, but his proposal for continuing absolute monarchy almost contradicts his own ideas that all humans are naturally selfish and evil, as an evil and selfish monarch exacerbates the wickedness of the people.As each country’s economy rests heavily on the productivity of its workers, this wide-spread fear caused many economies to decline and collapse.In the American Civil War, the utter destruction of the South’s resources, basic units of production (plantations), and cities, left over a third of America in a state of desolation, which did not display signs of rationalism. You can use this password for unlimited period and you can share it with your friends! Once you place your order you will receive an email with the password.In his widely-recognized book, The Leviathan, he claimed that, because human beings are naturally selfish and evil, one must cede his or her rights to the absolute monarch so that peace can be established and maintained.However, if all human beings are cruel, then monarchs are not any different from the evil of those he rules.


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