Lord Of The Flies Essays On The Beast

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For example, he understands perfectly well why Jack hates Ralph - because the latter "got him over the fire".

Piggy's adult outlook is reflected in his belief in scientific logic.

Lord of the Flies by Golding In "Lord of the Flies", Golding suggests that once man is freed from social conditioning and obligation, the intrinsic sense of evil will be revealed in him.

He destroys the optimistic view of human nature by showing how even the most innocent of all - children can deteriorate into primitive savages once freed from the trappings of society.

In this sense, the jungle represents the darkness, because it is an unknown place, with little light, where there is the possibility of infinite horrors, including death. If the boys were to walk on the beach, they might somehow forget about the beastie, but the moment they come to the jungle entrance, the fear attacks them.

It nibbles at their mind, and increases their imagination of what is beyond the darkness.This view, that man is capable of gross wickedness, is central to the whole novel.It is revealed through Simon's conversation with the imaginary Lord of the Flies when he realises that the real beast is one that exists in all the boys.By the second chapter, fear has worked its way into their society. The littluns fear of the unknown creature that is much greater when they can’t see it.Johnny says that there is a beast, hearing that “Ralph laughed, and the other boys laughed with him. Ralph, Jack, and Piggy try to tell the littluns “There isn’t a beastie!However, Golding also shows that if man is willing to recognise the evil potential in his For instance, Piggy's realism and sense of perception are revealed at the beginning where in contrast to Ralph's naively optimistic belief that his father will rescue them, Piggy reminds him that in view of their circumstances, that would be unlikely.Piggy is also the one who prompts Ralph to "find the others" and "call a meeting".In this novel, the boys become more savage because they fear the unknown; which is the root of the trouble that is caused on the island.The Beast isn’t any physical character, Golding uses the beast as a symbol of the evil that exists in all the boys.The boys own irrational fears and blind terrors, release the forces of death and the devil on the island.This fearsome beast initially takes form in their imaginations as a snake-type animal that disguises itself as jungle vines; later, they consider the possibility of a creature that rises from the sea or the more vague entity of a ghost.


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