Louis Riel Traitor Essay

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In Québec he was regarded as a hero, a defender of the Roman Catholic faith and French culture in Manitoba.

Anxious to avoid a volatile political confrontation between Ontario Protestants and Quebec Catholics, never mind Manitoba's Métis, Conservative Prime Minister Sir John A.

The Métis, worried about the implications of the transfer and wary of Anglo-Protestant immigrants from Ontario, organized a "National Committee" of which Riel was secretary.

The committee halted the surveys and prevented Mc Dougall from entering Red River.

Arguably, Riel has received more scholarly attention than any other figure in Canadian history.

Louis Riel Traitor Essay

While a fugitive, he was elected three times to the House of Commons of Canada, although he never assumed his seat.On Nov 2, 1869, Fort Garry was seized by the committee, which invited the people of Red River, however, both English and French- speaking, to appoint delegates.While armed resistance, led John Christian Schultz and John Stoughton Dennis, followed, the federal government postponed the transfer planned for Dec. Riel issued a "Declaration of the People of Rupert's Land and the Northwest" and on Dec.Macdonald tried to persuade Riel, who had gone into voluntary exile in the United States, to remain there, even providing him with funds.But, encouraged by supporters, Riel entered federal politics and won a seat in a byelection in October, 1873 and was re-elected in the general election of February 1874 and re-elected for a third time in the Provencherconstituency in a September 1874 byelection.An even more important long-term impact was the bitter alienation Francophones across Canada felt, and anger against the repression by their countrymen.Riel's historical reputation has long been polarized between portrayals as a dangerous half-insane religious fanatic and rebel against the Canadian nation, or by contrast a heroic rebel who fought to protect his Francophone people from the unfair encroachments of an Anglophone national government.Riel was seen as a heroic victim by French Canadians; his execution had a lasting negative impact on Canada, polarizing the new nation along ethno-religious lines.Although only a few hundred people were directly affected by the Rebellion in Saskatchewan, the long-term result was that the Prairie provinces would be controlled by the Anglophones, not the Francophones.He led two rebellions against the government of Canada and its first post-Confederation prime minister, John A. Riel sought to preserve Métis rights and culture as their homelands in the Northwest came progressively under the Canadian sphere of influence.Over the decades, he has been made a folk hero by Francophones, Catholic nationalists, native rights activists, and the New Left student movement.


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