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The concept of marriage is much wider, than it was a century ago.Now, it is a long-term romantic relation (gay, lesbian or straight).Kipnis in accordance with Freud underlines that “basic repression is necessary for any civilization to survive (Csencsitz, 2008).

But, more so, the Gothic is a seamless blend between reality and imagination.

This blend is what makes the narrative unpredictable and full of suspense.

Thus, it is described the way family lived through without technology (Shumway, Sterling, Kimball, Korinek, and Arredondo, 2007).

Therefore, in the modern world a family and a marriage cannot exist without many external factors.

A different interpretation of marriage in the modern world Consequently, intimate relations and marriage is presented from an unusual perspective.

Currently, modern love should be considered in the modern context.Marriage exerts influence on love in order to "maximize submission and minimize freedom." (Kipnis 2006, p. Kipnis defines love in the following way: “love is the nearest most of us come to glimpsing utopia in our lifetimes” (Kipnis, 2006).Therefore, currently marriage is considered to be an integrative component of spouses.The earlier representation of romance currently coexists with intimacy.In accordance with Shumway the literature of love is focused on a perverted representation of love. 827421 Introduction The Gothic novel has been known to appear in novel form as early as the Middle Ages.Nevertheless marriage was previously considered as the relations between two spouses and they combined their mutual assets.Nowadays in Australia the number of one-person households increased and currently 9 per cent of Australians live alone (Classen, 2004).Sometimes, these characters which are of paranormal and unknown existence tend to......significantly during the age of virtual intimacy (Halder et al 32).These crimes include hacking, personal information theft, online passwords theft, credit cards theft and fake identity show off.Gothic Literature elaborates on description of place and scenario as opposed to formal realism.The Gothic is a sort of inverted romance since its imagery is so descriptive in form.


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