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@Dan Klein – That attitude exists in spades in US big city schools too.My 1st grader asks about the light bulbs I use as I’ve been changing CFLs to LEDs.Short-run macro stabilization policy questions outnumber long-run growth questions by at least 20:1.

Biology 100 multiple-choice questions and four free-response questions cover molecules and cells, heredity and evolution, and organisms and populations. Calculus AB You have 3 hours, 15 minutes to complete 45 multiple-choice questions and a six-problem, free-response section covering Calculus AB concepts and problem solving.

Calculus BC Featuring slightly more advanced material than the AB test, this 3-hour, 15-minute exam includes 45 multiple-choice questions and a six-problem, free-response section.

Economists know the signalling model and care about welfare maximization.

Given that most students will forget what they’ve learnt there is no point put in the extra effort in grading such questions.

And I don’t tell her the mercury containing CFLs need to go to a special facility to minimize their “cost to the earth.” One funny thing is they actually did a series on economics where they introduced concepts of wants vs. It’s too bad that tradeoffs are not recognized or taught in so much of the rest of the curriculum, even at a 1st grade level.

Each exam that follows an AP course contains a multiple-choice section and a free-response section (either essay writing or problem solving).Today my 8th-grade homeschoolers take the Advanced Placement test in Macroeconomics.Back in 1989, when I took this exam, it covered little more than 1960s Keynesianism. Now we’ve got long-run Aggregate Supply curves and long-run Phillips curves to remind students that pumping up demand has clear long-run dangers and little long-run benefit. The biggest lacuna: There’s essentially nothing on the fundamental question of macroeconomics: Why are some countries rich and others poor?Remember, it takes an AP score between 3 and 5 (the possible score ranges from 1 to 5) to get college credit.AP testing is available in the following subjects: Art History This 3-hour exam features 115 multiple-choice questions and seven short essays that cover painting and drawing, architecture, sculpture, and other media.The history AP essays demand high-level understanding of the world. ” The econ AP essays, in contrast, test mid-level understanding of models.A typical macroeconomic question: Suppose Rankinland has a current account deficit. (i) What will initially happen to the current account deficit in Rankinland solely due to the change in the real GDP from part (b)(iv) ? (ii) What will happen to the international value of the bera solely due to the change in the real GDP from part (b)(iv) ? This is fine material for the multiple-choice section of the test, but the essay ought to tap students’ ability to apply the concepts to a complex real-world economic problem.Computer Science A The Computer Science A test is 3 hours long and consists of 40 multiple-choice questions and four free-response questions.Test material focuses on programming, algorithms, and data structures.She asks if the light bulbs I’m getting rid of are the ones that are bad for the earth.Of course, she’s almost certainly talking about incandescent bulbs, of which there have been few of since she has been alive.


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