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The Palais Royale on Toronto's lakefront was designed in the Art Deco style by the architectural firm of Chapman, Oxley and Bishop in 1922. Perhaps its most popular period was during the 1930s when couples danced to the music of the big bands including Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Paul Whiteman and the Dorsey Brothers. That the movie explores a unique event, the outcome of which could not have been known in advance, makes its sentiments sweeter and more intense.

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This movie had it all: an epic journey, a family in peril, moments of humor, tenderness and suspense, a sonorous voice-over from Morgan Freeman.

It is a quest narrative, a domestic drama, a bittersweet tale of homecoming -- and also, as every popular movie must be these days, an occasion for culture-war skirmishing.

There is a more pessimistic view of urban high schools in another movie opening today, "American Gun," and I fear it's closer to the truth.

But "Take the Lead" is said to be based on a true story, it tells a heartening fable, and Antonio Banderas is uncommonly charming as a dance teacher who walks into a high school and announces that he will improve it by his very example. It is now routine to hear obscenities shouted in public, and by all sorts of people, not just in traffic but even in Starbucks.

You must learn to observe your partner well and accommodate to their level of skill, physical dexterity and moods.

It teaches respect for others no matter how different they are from you.In short, "March of the Penguins" provided everything you'd want from a night at the movies, without stars or special effects. "When I move to music dancing my spirits lift." You can quote me and a host of other ballroom dancers who add that when they dance, they forget about the day's cares and just enjoy. Oz, a current American heath proponent who has his own TV show and writes syndicated columns, says that dancing inhibits the onset of dementia because one learns to coordinate thought patterns to muscle responses. It's a sport one can do throughout life and it's fun. and Canada have discovered the benefits of ballroom dancing and are incorporating such programs in more and more schools.Its character arcs and three-act architecture are supposedly found in nature -- or at least at events like the National Spelling Bee, the setting of "Spellbound," one of the progenitors of the genre."Mad Hot Ballroom," which follows children in three New York schools as they prepare for a citywide dance tournament, offers up some of the pleasures, and many of the clichés, of a classic sports movie, right up to the climactic triumph of the underdog.I am as fond of colorful language as anyone, but I try not to inflict it upon strangers.I suspect many people sense they should have better manners, and need only a nudge.When critics want to praise the realism of a fictional film, they sometimes liken it to a documentary.But as filmmakers and distributors have discovered the commercial potential of nonfiction movies, the comparison more often runs in reverse.The building was renovated in 2006 and since then has employed stellar bands and young performers for dancing extravaganzas. Dancing at the Palais Royale must have seemed like being on a Hollywood set to the Toronto students.


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