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The landscape seems to allude to the theme of death and resurrection: the trees are barren in the foreground and while the fields follow behind in the background is all green, the effect is somewhat a little over the top with some of the brownish color in the middle having been faded over the time (metmuseum).

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In this case, it is worth noting that the use of lines, colors, shades and shapes are renaissance in nature, the theme is religious but a number of aspects provide evidence of humanism in the work.

Popularly known as Botticelli, Allesandro Filipepi was a renowned painter born in Florence, Italy, around 1444 and died in the same city in 1510.

For example, most medieval paintings of Jesus as a child portrayed a naked child held on the arms rather than leaning on the mother (Berry and Wernick 49).

In addition, there would be a large circular but virtual enclosure around the child’s head, which would be bright and glittering as an indication of the child’s holiness.

All these aspects largely reveal humanistic concept of renaissance, which advocated for materialistic and joy of human life.

By using these aspects, Botticelli has diverted from the medieval religious influence of art to a more humanistic approach for a number of reasons.In addition, the angel appears female rather than a male.The figures are shown in an expensive room where an oval window made of glass leads the eyes to the background objects.Below the figures is a vase that appears expensive and attractive.In the background, a meandering river cuts across rounded hills, which provide evidence of a beautiful scenario.He lived and worked in Venice all his life; his career spanned 65 years. Bellini’s father, Jacopo, a painter was a pupil of the Gentile da Fabriano, in any case, Jacopo introduced the principles of the Florentine Renaissance to Venice before either of his sons (Britannica).Jacopo strove to ensure that his sons would become distinguished painters as well and, it is said, often pitted them each other.Humanism was one of the major facets of the Renaissance period that lasted from 1400 to 1650.Originating in Italy, humanism movement during the renaissance reveals human shift from the medieval tradition that was strongly linked to pious religious motivation in arts and literature to adopt a new way of life in which secularism and materialism were appreciated (Davies, Hofrichter, Jacobs, Roberts and Simon 71).In Bellini’s depiction of the Madonna and Child (One of Bellini’s mature works), the Madonna, with her face calm and collective, is tenderly holding the Christ Child on her knee, the Madonna is seated improbably in front of a velvet curtain set in a landscape with a city and rolling mountains in the distance.“The transition from a dormant to a verdant nature and a dawn sky is a metaphor for death and rebirth (metmuseum)”.


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