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While narrating the experience of the camp, Frankl makes the readers believe that men and women have exceptional abilities.Not just the bravado to make other prisoners and torture them in the gas chambers, but also to withstand the horrors of mistreatment and sentenced to a life full of suffering.

In the German concentration camps, Frankl and his friend go through a difficult time characterized by torture and trauma.

Frankl tells of the misery that prisoners had to stand during their stay in the camp.

In all these experiences, Frankl point that human goes through challenging experience, which can boost their hope in overcoming their hurdles.

Throughout his book, Frankl mentions that trial and suffering are some of the experiences that people ignore, yet they have a positive influence on people’s lives in the camp.

What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of this theory?

What do therapists practicing logotherapy do for their patients? Frankl's description of life in camp deals mostly with his own experience and the experiences of the men he was surrounded by. Describe how you imagine life for a woman or child living under these circumstances might be different.

(page 58)" Frankl tells about how one day on the walk to where he would be forced to work, a fellow member in the prison said to him, "If our wives could see us now!

I do hope they are better off in their camps and don't know what is happening to us." Frankl says that throughout the whole walk all he thought about was his wife, and not the fact that he was slowly dying a most painful death .

We have all read, heard, or have seen pictures of the holocaust, and when you are looking or reading about the holocaust you think to yourself how horrible, and then most of us just forget about the holocaust within the next five minutes.

I know I used to be like that until I read Viktor E.


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