Marijuana In Canada Essay

That’s enough to roll roughly 60 normal-size joints.

Canadians hoping for pot-fueled revelry anywhere they like will be sorely disappointed.

So those craving pot-infused gummy bears, baked goods, barbecue sauce and drinks will have to wait to buy them legally.

It is unclear whether cannabis creams and cosmetics will ever be approved. Quebec shops plan to have many strains available at around $7 or less in Canadian dollars (about $5.40 in United States dollars) per gram to remain competitive with the black market.

Airline pilots face tough restrictions on how near to the start of shifts they may use marijuana.

The armed forces will have specific orders for its members and the Calgary Police Service has banned pot use by off-duty officers.

And if you are homeless, or a renter, in a province where outdoor consumption remains illegal, you “will have nowhere to smoke it,” said Jack Lloyd, a lawyer who specializes in cannabis cases.

The law, he said, gives permission but not a constitutional right to use cannabis.

Cannabis counselors — government employees — will advise on, among things, which marijuana strains induce relaxation or euphoria, as well as possible harmful effects.

Saskatchewan will have 51 stores, all privately run.


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