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Social Democracy has provided the main theoretical basis for Labour Party policy.Social democrats have traditionally believed that unregulated capitalism would result in inequality of income, wealth and power and the absence of meritocracy but that the reform rather than the abolition of capitalism provides the most realistic basis for improved average living standards and greater economic equality.

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A key issue raised is that in countries such as India and China increasing numbers of highly skilled graduates are being educated who nevertheless continue to earn salaries considerably lower than those earned by comparable workers in the "developed world.".

We have already seen relatively unskilled jobs relocated to the "third World" leading to fewer unskilled jobs in the developed world.

Could it become more economic for transnational companies to relocate professional work also to India and China in which case what will happen to employment prospects in the UK even for graduates?

In order to analyse the relationships between formal education systems and the economy we must distinguish between pre-industrial societies where education is provided more informally in families, churches and workplaces and industrial societies where formal education systems expand [as an aspect of structural differentiation ]to meet the needs of industrial economies for more skilled specialised workers.

marxist theory is too deterministic and is a macro theory therefore reductionist so it dosent allow for free will or individual differences.

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You could talk about Interactionists criticizing Marxist ideas of education because of the passive thing.Industry and commerce requires punctual, efficient, achievement -oriented ,industrious workers who identify with the aims of their employers if an economy is to operate efficiently.[To see that this is so you might like to consider the possible effects on the USA economy if the entire younger generation had decided to live according to the "hippie" philosophy of the 1960s.It has been claimed that a significant divide has been created between academic and vocational courses and that schools in any case are not suited or resourced for the teaching of business- related courses.It is also claimed in relation to training schemes that they aimed to shift the blame for youth unemployment from government policy onto the education system; that training schemes were a means of reducing the official unemployment figures; that little real training was given; that the schemes reinforced traditional gender roles; that the training was at the expense of a more valuable general education and that the purpose of the schemes was often to encourage passivity and acceptance of low wages among young people.I have also included an Appendix containing further information and links on current issues in vocational education. Also click here for a very critical view of the current condition of vocational education from Professor Alison Wolfe and here for recent proposals for vocational education and here for attitudes to vocational education [Links added 07/02/2012] Also click here for Guardian coverage of CBI criticisms of GCSE [Link added May 23rd 2012] Click here for a Guardian article on Vocational Education [Link added March 2013] Click here for BBC item on Vocational Education [Link added March 2013] Click here for BBC item on Higher Education and the economy [Link added June 2013] Click here and here for a BBC items on the CBI and skills training [Links added June -July 2013] In October 2013 the OECD published a report suggesting that the skills of English and Northern Irish 16-24 year olds were low compared with those of young people in other OECD countries.The following links provide additional information Click here for a detailed paper on Education and Globalisation.I know this was already mentioned but may be nice to put a name to it.You could also say that there are criticisms of Marxism 'blaming the victim' as they cite cultural capital disadvantages as a problem.However, supporters of the schemes have argued correctly that some useful training was given which increased the employability of the trainees concerned.Nevertheless, more generally, after 18 years of Conservative government, there were still great concerns that the economic competitiveness of the UK economy was declining because the UK workforce was on average less skilled than the workforces of our major competitors, a problem which subsequent Labour governments have also failed to solve.


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