Mary Louise Pratt Arts Of The Contact Zone Thesis

Mary Louise Pratt Arts Of The Contact Zone Thesis-50
It refers to the gap within which trans-culturation occurs; meaning that it is a place where cultures that are different in one way or another come into contact and in the process, either side learns or gets to know one thing or another from the other side(Pratt 34).In the process, boundaries that existed before the cultures came into contact are broken as more interaction happens between the cultures.The more Max learnt about the people he met, the more he got interested in the subjects and topics they talked about with him. Max is just like Sam because Sam learnt more history, geography and so on, through baseball.

Baseball is a popular sport in the American culture.

Had he not known about it, he could not have learnt math, history, or geography.

Through them, he has been able to learn so many things about life.

Just like Sam, Mary’s son, he learns through his interest.

From this example, along with the other one involving the Incas (they were colonized by the Spanish and oppressed by the colonizers.

They chose to learn the things they thought were of benefit to them in the process), it is evident that culture and extracurricular activities plays a significant role in ensuring that people learn about the world and relate to one another. He learns things and various subjects through his interests; in his case, the extracurricular activities he engages in.

This is a model of education which treats school as a cultural womb.

This means that schools are places in which students are nurtured, and then set to think about various aspects of life.

In exploring the “Article of the Contact Zone”, and the movie Rushmore, in which a teenage boy goes through various life experiences and learns a lot about life and academics, I seek to bring out the relationship between culture, contact zones, and learning models in education.

A “Contact Zone” is a term which was coined by Mary Pratt.


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