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2.0 Research Objectives, Research Questions, and Research Contents 2.1 Objectives of the Study (Write research objectives here) The objectives of this study are: i) To provide a holistic view by combining firms’ IT capabilities with other capabilities: coordination, systems, and socialization in a single study.

ii) To investigate the degree to which Chinese software firms are successful in maximizing their ability of absorptive capacity and competitive advantage by exercising combined capabilities.

Outside-in capabilities are outward facing which help firms in building knowledge identification capability.

Inside-out are inward focused capabilities which help firms in developing knowledge application capability.

37% papers use it as a minor citation, 50% use it as theoretical support, 13% use it in research models, and 5% use it as a theoretical base.

This shows that there are limited empirical studies that use absorptive capacity in research models.2.3 Main Contents The proposed framework of this study is based on four major constructs: IT capabilities, combinative capabilities, absorptive capacity, and competitive advantage.These constructs are explained briefly: 2.3.1 IT Capabilities Based on the work of Wade and Hulland (2004), Roberts et al.This ability of a firm is termed as absorptive capacity.The selection of this research area is justified through research conducted by Roberts et al. The researchers find that only 98 papers are published from 1990 to 2008, which directly or indirectly include the concept of “absorptive capacity”.Additionally, it proposes a framework for software firms (SFs) and intends to empirically investigate the impact of capabilities on absorptive capacity, which in turn, helps firms in achieving competitive advantage.The software firms are selected for the study as they continuously innovate due to technological breakthroughs.Beside above research proposal template in word file, you can also see this below Research proposal written by one of the Ph. applicants for scholarship: The base of the Research 1.1 Background (Insert research background here – your pre-research etc | See how this applicant wrote below:) Turbulent business environment and intense business competition lead to multifaceted challenges like globalization, demand for innovation, short product life cycles, product proliferation, and time to market pressures.These challenges affect the IT industry in general and software industry in particular.Dealing with such issues requires firms to focus on ‘knowledge’, a dominant source of sustainable competitive advantage.Thus, recognizing, assimilating, transforming and applying valuable external knowledge is imperative for firms’ success.


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