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Additional information for the MS and Ph D programs can be found in the USF Tampa Graduate Catalog Please contact the Graduate Program Director or the Academic Program Specialist (see below) with any questions regarding the MA in Geography Program.

The Master of Arts Program in Geography at the University of South Florida provides the theoretical foundation and methodological expertise necessary to conduct publishable-quality geographic research, as well as hands-on experience for real-world professional opportunities.

Submit your Candidacy now : Click here to download the short Info-Flyer Deadline for submissions: 30 November 2019 Fact Sheet: Click here for a general overview of the facts concerned Full Prize Regulations : as of july 2019 Contact email: [email protected] target groups consists mainly of: European military officers and students who have written their thesis in pursuit of an Academic Master Degree, and discuss the topic of one of Euro-ISME’s annual conferences.

In civilian terms, this will be a thesis at the level of an Academic Master.

The student will need to provide a syllabus of that course to the Director of Geography, his/her advisor, and the Geography Graduate Program Coordinator who can then approve or deny the request.

Major professors alone do not have the authority to approve the substitution of any required core courses.In this specialisation you will mainly learn to understand and interpret advanced theories and practices of leisure and tourism and their influence on the social and physical environment.Career prospects The Master's specialisation in Cultural Geography and Tourism provides graduates entry into rapidly growing sectors of the job market, be it government, business or academia.Students must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate level course work for the thesis option and 36 hours for the non-thesis option.Students in the thesis option must complete the core course requirements outlined below before they are eligible to enroll in thesis hours.Graduates will be able to apply the scientific insights and practical skills acquired to topics as varied as development and marketing of places, tourism industries, planning, sustainability, cultural diversity.With expertise gained during this Master’s, a graduate can be employed in a wide range of jobs, both in and outside the Netherlands, for example: In order to get admission to this Master's you will need a completed Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent, from a research university) from a geography-related discipline, such as Spatial Planning, Geography, Environment Studies.Core Course Substitutions Course substitutions for required core courses are strongly discouraged in the Department of Geography, Environment, and Planning.However, under certain extenuating circumstances, substitutions are allowed.At this initial stage however, we prioritise the enlistment of European military academies in the prize. The jury will consist of seven European experts in the field of military ethics, offering a combination of field experience (the practitioner’s perspective) and the academia (the theoretical perspective).


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